Glasses case in soft burgundy aubergine leather

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Leather glasses case for glasses or sunglasses, magnetic closure, suede cloth...

When they come out, the high-profile glasses have the good taste to choose a Mat Uvu .

Lined in very soft suede, this eyeglasses pouch does not go out without its matching square.

This is also the creative spirit.

• Soft aubergine-coloured leather
• Decorative clasp in burgundy leather
• Glass towels and lining in soft suede in Basque red color
• Brown satin ribbon
• Magnetic closure flap
• Silver colored eyelet
• Dimensions of the closed case: 18 x 8.5 x 2 cm

Much less bulky than an unsightly shell, the Mat Uvu protects from everything except being crushed (but after all, who would want to sit on their handbag?).

Little charming touch: the little lapel that lets you see a little lining. Not too much, just enough to assert your personality.

Le + Epatant

Equipped with a magnet, the Mat Uvu closes by itself, gently, without pressure on the glasses. The magnet is amazing!

Le ++ épatant

We've created the detail that does it all: the suede cloth cloth tied with a pretty satin ribbon.
Always there when you need it, it never falls out when you take out your glasses and stores naturally in the pocket after use.

In this regard, we remind you that opticians advise against cleaning your spectacle lenses with paper tissues or paper towels because this ends up scratching them. So, with the suede cloth, it's clean, it's amazing!

Interview :
The suede square can be washed under water with neutral soap.

Création Fabrication France IT'S WELL DONE, IT'S 100% MADE IN FRANCE

The creation and manufacture are entirely carried out in our workshop in Rambouillet.

Mat Uvu glasses cases are supplied without glasses, of course ;)