Mask case for men

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Textile and leather case designed to protect textile or surgical masks

Because we have no choice but to always have it on hand,
we created
Mask coat, the little coat for our masks.

This case is designed to protect our textile or surgical masks.
Forget the freezer bag, the mega kit or the mask thrown in the bag,
adopt the Mask coat and win elegance.

Pretty yes but hygienic too, the Mask coat keeps our masks clean.
It can contain several masks (from 2 to 5 depending on the thickness).

Chic, not fragile, light, this model is perfect for men.

• Heather coated canvas in anthracite color
• Black leather band
• Closed format: 12 x 11 cm
• Open format: 12 x 21.5 cm

To easily open your Mask coat, hold it with one hand and bend it slightly.
With the other hand, slide the leather strip and your case will unfold.