Teal blue and lagoon imitation leather tissue case

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Two-tone duck blue and lagoon tissue case

Designed to live in the bottom of the bag, the car, the satchel, this tissue case is all-terrain.
Stop loose tissues in the bag! Forget the flaccid and decomposed packaging, the tissues remain clean (before their use… obviously).
For everyone, everywhere, every day, it's crazy how essential the Nezcessaire is.

• Duck blue faux leather exterior
• Lagoon color faux leather interior
• Silver color snap button closure
• Dimension of the closed case: 6.5 x 9 x 3.5 cm

Le + Epatant

To the touch, the contact of the Nezcessaire is sensual because it is very soft and very flexible. This is less the case for the silver color which is a little more “slippery”.

A Nezcessaire is easy to maintain, it's amazing. A quick wipe with a damp sponge and presto, it's like new.
Has it been lying around in your bag for too long? A little soapy water and its beautiful colors come back.

Création Fabrication France 100% made in France. Each Nezcessaire is created and made in France, by hand, with great care. There may still be small differences from case to case.
• The creation and manufacture of the tissue case is made in Rambouillet, in the Yvelines.
• The cookie cutters are made by the last specialized Parisian craftsman.

Each Nezcessaire is supplied with paper tissues. It is obviously refillable (otherwise it would be much less impressive) with mini pocket size tissues.